The Brother-Sister day!

Rakshabandhan it is! and I am certain that all the brothers must have had their pockets raided by now or are probably about to get themselves looted.
As much as they’d hate to admit it,but this day,is gala for the sisters and for the brothers,it is nothing less than a nightmare!
The never ending demands from the sisters, the so called “I don’t expect a gift in return” but “everything is welcome” look,the not so sensible quarrels,the tantrums! Ah well! I bear sympathy for the brothers here.

Hopping on to the other side of the coin.With the advent of social networking,everything has become so much social and apparent these days.
come any day and the social networking sites are flooded with meaningful,not so meaningful posts,messages,pictures,trolls and what not!.
where in we never really bother to actually “speak” to that very person for whom we post.Everything has become just so materialistic.It is the E-ra.

Personally, I believe it is great to be social but I have a real life just yet! I still look forward to tying rakhi along the brother’s wrist,stuff him with sweets and make enormous cute demands on him,without expecting them to be fulfilled.It feels real, something way beyond explanation.
We have confined ourselves so much to the virtual world that the reality no longer affects us.We have become so self-sufficiently engrossed in ourselves that we don’t essentially care about all these things now.
I wish to continue to have my real feelings intact in me forever unperturbed by the virtual world!

Hoping to keep it as real as it deserves to be!

Here is real love and affection to all the brothers as it’s a “heavy on your pocket day”  🙂
Happy Rakshabandhan.


PS: do check facebook,twitter for those long posts!

Don’t forget to Live Love Laugh Read!


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