Understanding Human Behavior: hell of a task

Everything is subject to an individual’s perception.
Each one of us,somewhere sometime thinks the same thing which is “why does everything happen to me?” or “Why me?”.
It is human nature to see ourselves in a more positive light always as compared to others,but we don’t even miss out a chance to increase the level of complications in our lives just for the sake of telling it to somebody.
Despite believing to have a positive outlook, we invariably weigh the cons first,consider several times before sparing a compliment and broadcast only the odds when someone counts on us for advice.what’s more,we prefer needless sarcasm for humor,manage a wry smile when something is genuinely funny and believe deep down that the glass is actually half empty.

We live in denial of our inherent negativity for most part and often wonder why the world around us is so mean and reckless.
Positivity is something that can be imbibed even if forcibly, such as by trying to tweak our sense of humor,the way we react to a given situation.

While positivity is a state of mind,the answer lies in our perspective.


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