“The more I see, the less I know for sure”.

― John Lennon

Do you ever look out for an escape when things don’t go your way? are you also one of those betrayed beloveds?
Well,what makes my mind ponder about a lot is that what exactly love is? again i call it definition through perception.wait! that means no one can ever particularly define love.
countless people,countless cant even tell as to which one’s right which one isn’t.
Someone correctly quoted “opinions are like assholes,everyone has one!”
one of the most basic and well understood statement is “love is life
Ah!well life is full of drama,so I can very well say that love is drama!
I always strongly opine that we are more in love with the idea of love than the real situation.let’s face it,all of us dream and expect some sort of dramatic,filmy,fairy tailish tinge to our lives.but then again,love isn’t all about just a bed of roses,it equally is about all those thorns which come in combination.
Has it ever happened that you tend to give upon relationships or lose faith in love ,if you’ve had a failed relationship? I am sure at some point,the answer is yes.
We encircle our lives so much to love that we often forget that we have to live it too!If we always got what we desired,then we’d have nothing to say when people asked the meaning to struggle,pain and patience.
always remind yourself “expect nothing, accept everything.”

And essentially take out a moment to love live laugh read!you will surely know how blissful life and love is.


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