Being She – blessing or curse!

I thought I was as lucky as I could be, to be born as a girl! One  the most beautiful creatures.But certain events make you ponder is it easy being a girl or is it as bad as a curse!

We can’t tolerate anything that’s  a serious offence against the honor,dignity and self-respect of a woman!

Eve teasing is a typical social crime.It is prevalent almost everywhere, but in India, especially in the cities; you can’t be a woman and not have been its victim at some point in your life. It ranges in severity from sexually evocative remarks to out-and-out groping.

Wherever you go in India, be it the malls, the bus stand, the railway station, the theater, universities, schools, markets wherever! in the event that you are a lady you can’t escape it.

Numerous accept that it is the attire of ladies that inspires such tasteless conduct, yet the pitiful truth is that even conservatively dressed ladies who wear a burqa over their garments leaving just the eyes and feet obvious are subjected to it.


There are diverse levels of eve teasing and the very word teasing sort of misrepresents the real size of badgering it suggests. Ladies are subjected to lascivious comments, heckle, outstretched hands that connect for their genitals, squeezing and actually grabbing. I have seen scenes of eve teasing that have abandoned me feeling bothered, abused, utilized, wanting to be not conceived a lady.

In the wake of the Chennai episode where a young lady slaughtered herself because of eve teasing, the administration began watching the zone of wrongdoing and posted female sentries in mask. At the same time that was just a knee jerk response and endured pretty much as long.

In a nation that has such a tremendous populace thus little police energy it is simply an issue of time before all is overlooked. Open memory is so short and the issues such a variety of in a nation like India, that eve teasing gets cleared under the carpet.

Since no assistance is expected from the legislature, Indian lady have formulated a few methods for managing this danger. They generally convey a sack with a long shoulder strap so the pack can be moved behind to cover their backs and the other arm holds an umbrella that aides secure the front. They walk quick while their eyes continually evaluate the men. They intuitively know which ones are inconvenience, its similar to they have an inbuilt reception apparatus or maybe its something passed down hereditary starting with one lady then onto the next lady over years of persecution because of men in a male commanded society.

The bold ones will face the eve teasers and even slap them every so often or whack their umbrellas at them. However most ladies want to go their direction gulping their sentiments of pride and humiliation, not on account of they are terrified to hit out, but since they are anxious about the results. There is the trepidation that the culprit of the wrongdoing will come the following day with fortifications, or more terrible still the culprit may tail them home and attempt to address them when they are distant from everyone else.

Ladies abstain from strolling in dull paths and quite often evade puts that are forsaken. Furthermore when they see men in gatherings they attempt to evade those spots as well.

The need of great importance is to have more co-education schools so men are presented to ladies from an exceptionally youthful age and develop to commonly regard one another. Moms must instruct their children to approach ladies with deference.

Young men who see their fathers approaching their moms with deference will consequently develop into men who think in like manner.

Young men and young ladies ought to be permitted to blend uninhibited with the goal that they figure out how to admiration one another’s uniqueness. Men need to understand that each lady is a few keeps an eye on wife, or little girl, or sister, or mother; and must be treated with the same admiration, they would accord their own.

will there ever be that world where there are no hassles,no issues ,no fears,no insecurities, no boundaries? A world that is full of harmony and broad-minded beings!


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