To BE or NOT To BE????

They Truly said, a lot of thinking can take a toll! It can either make you an intellectual person or it can totally juice out the intellect without even leaving any traces of its existence.

I pondered and still wondering if i have lost it already or am at the verge of losing it!

Togetherness is a venue. We seek it for respite. For nurturing and rest. We go there to practice fighting. It’s a boxing ring. Boxing is a sport, remember. We play at boxing to be better prepared for the rest of the world. We analyse our strengths, compensate for weaknesses.
But don’t always stay there. Go away also. Be independent. Don’t expect it to work all the time. It is lazy and busy and easily distracted. Just like the lovers in it. Love gets taken for granted. We forget what it was like in the first place.

Ouch! what did I just say? 😮

We often react like this to reality 😮 and complain about the situation being unfavorable.

Another thought just sneaked in 😛 (that’s gonna be rash).

Marriage isn’t necessary at all. Don’t do it. It’s a lot of trouble. It’s a racket. A conspiracy to defeat the individual. A human rights violation that creeps up on you.
Marriage can be lonesome. Being together won’t stop you from being alone, lost, tempted, greedy, insecure and sleepless.

Oops! too much of reality altogether!

Love learns to walk. It takes years to grow up. Be gentle with it, holding its hand when the traffic is fast.
Be creative. Have an affair with the one you love, so what if you are also married to each other. That’s one way to subvert this system.
Falling in love with the same silly smile again and again and again. That’s shaadi for you. Totalbarbaadi. Don’t do it. Seriously.lifee
what has the world become! rather what have we made it? The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.
What the hell am I doing? I just got the post poked with social media now!
Man! am I unstable or am I unstable?
I have always believed that Love sulks for attention. Sometimes you make up because there’s a rat behind the washing machine and you need company to deal with it. Sometimes the rat is just an excuse.
Love gets taken for granted. We forget what it was like in the first place.
Make way people, not excuses! the idea here is not to summon the traditions and customs but only to understand the relevance with reality! (Impossible) :/
So do Live Love Laugh and Read a lot!

2 thoughts on “To BE or NOT To BE????

  1. Reading a lot is also a trap.. We read a lot, then think a lot. Someone told me that readers are the persons more fucked up. they dream a lot, they are good people but different from society..
    So i think we should stop reading at all, stop thinking.. We should dump all our aspirations of love/career and get settled into a remote village.. No more thinking, Well!! did i make any sense?


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