The Brother-Sister day!

The season is back again!


Rakshabandhan it is! and I am certain that all the brothers must have had their pockets raided by now.
As much as they’d hate to admit it,but this day,for some is nothing less than a nightmare!
never ending demands from the sisters, the so called “i don’t expect a gift in return” but
“anything is welcome” look! ah well! I bear sympathy for brothers here.

everything has become so much social and apparent these days.
come any day and the social networking sites are flooded with posts,messages and pictures.
where in we never really bother to actually “speak” to that very person for whom we post.
everything has become just so materialistic.Its the E-era.

Personally, i believe its great to be social but I have a real life just yet! I still look forward to tying rakhi along the brother’s wrist,stuff him with sweets and make enormous demands on him…

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