Somewhere I belong!

I have always been curious about the wonderland that Alice had been to.It has been an immense craving to take adventures and be away from everyone and everything.

I feel frustrated about various things primarily because I don’t talk much for I don’t really want anyone to know what is on my mind and how I feel.They will,by default end up misinterpreting the subject.

You know the feeling that you get when you think you know about people,have seen various faces,are surrounded with pretentious people; is toll-taking on your own self.

People you trust,people you refuse to listen shit about appear in the real form of themselves one day making you wonder were they always like this or were you too blind to even notice.

That is when you begin to averse from everything.

I have always preferred and adored solitude.No people,No drama.The day one chooses to surround himself/herself with people just because they aren’t better alone marks the beginning of a vicious circle.

One shouldn’t be anti-social,I feel but then there are limits to being social as well! People find it convenient to point out or judge others despite doing the very same thing on their part.

There are always those moments wherein you find yourself with a drink near to the bar in a party full of your “social circle”!

Wondered why?

Because deep down, you’re  a loner and do not wish to associate yourself with much drama.It’s not a bad thing at all,people will confuse your choices with arrogance,attitude and whatever is convenient for them to believe.

I like people who are self-sufficient and talk about the Universe,History, strike soul to soul conversation, understand the beauty of small things, make efforts,never give up and are not dependent on anyone for anything. I feel deeply connected to such people.

I have literally had a saturation point with those people who claim to be something that they aren’t. They are cunning and will never admit so! Why? because cunning is a negative word and no one wishes to hear anything negative for oneself.We always keep ourselves in more positive light than others.

A few life changing events, perceptions and thought processes have made me realize the importance of keeping your distance from such energies. And damn, I can say that to every fucking face! No fabrication, No pretending.

If I wish to be with somebody,I will climb scaffolds and swim rivers for the same.But if I don’t, then the person is as good as non-existent for me.

So I am starting a new chapter, “the quest for wonderland” (read making my own wonderland) what about you?

Remember, countless choices decide one’s fate!

Always remember to Live Love Laugh Read.




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