Alone or lonely? the choice is yours!


Being alone is an art, embrace it.

Being alone can be the most empowering experience of your life. If you let the loneliness consume you, you’re going to lose that rare chance to figure yourself out. You can always find company in yourself. Loneliness is going to try to force you to find that company with another person. Everyone has a place in the world, though, and  yours shouldn’t be inside someone else.

The thought dawned on me while I was sitting all alone though there were people under the same roof,but it didn’t feel right.Not even one of them is worth fighting for you know! fighting with inner self is what I am talking of,here. So, right now I am lonely but at the same time I am choosing to be alone. Weird right? It’s so me but! :/

As mentioned in the last article I wrote,I am on a quest to find the place where
I belong. Every face that I see changes on an hourly basis,making me go on a mute mode.

I literally don’t know what to do! Hence i choose to be alone. and you know what the best part is, no one cares whether or not you’re with them,they can always find an alternative. So the choice is yours to make.

As they say “use mukkamal kar bhi aao,wo jo adhoori si aas baaki hai”!

I am finding meaning to my existence,are you?

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3 thoughts on “Alone or lonely? the choice is yours!

  1. It’s a myth @mrigankh Finding meaning takes a whole set of perception,thought processes and beliefs which are bulilt over time.A toddler knows nothing of the meaning to his existence.He eventually grows up finding it. Agreed some find it,some don’t.That’s my whole point!


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