What it feels like to be yourself!!

So what have you achieved so far by being yourself?

Here are a few laurels you might have embraced by now

  • Being taken for granted
  • Being cornered out  (because being pretentious is the new cool)
  • Being bitched about (because you are upfront)
  • Being Broke (because you either have a bad time or too many values)
  • Being Betrayed (because you were too cool as a partner. You never asked and he never told!)
  • Being numb at even the most critical situations.

Now your perception will force you to see the positive in a pool of negatives,which is cool.

But you know what you are missing out on? LIFE!!!

There are certain things which are by default in this world and it is better for us to acquaint ourselves with  them at the earliest.My observations say:

  1. If you have friends,keep them,meet them.If not, make them.It’s healthy.
  2. Parents are a priority.Don’t let them down.Cherish them.
  3. If you have a challenged relationship,move out.Cheating issues, move out.If you begin deleting your messages so that the other person doesn’t see them,Totally move out! If you discover (as he would never ever tell you on his own, you have to find out) your spouse random flirting in parties or on social media.Trash the jerk into garbage and move on!
  4. Guys will be guys,They melt with boobs and booty! They will ogle and never admit.
  5. Being independent is extremely necessary.Being self-sufficient too.
  6. Always Save money!!!!
  7. Be kind,Also take nobody’s shit!
  8. Every girl in this world is after money and a handsome Super duper rich man to lean on! If you happen to meet an exception.Don’t give up on her.Keep her till eternity.
  9. Do not interfere too much.(Don’t be poky)
  10. Do judge,but don’t show!

Let’s not complicate too much.Let’s find out as to what exactly our problems are,so as to live peacefully.

Why would you want to be someone else
When you could be better by being yourself
Why pretend to be someone you are not
When you have something they haven’t got

Cheating yourself of the life you have to live
Deprives others of that only which you can give
You have much more to offer by being just you
Than walking around in someone else’s shoes

Trying to live the life of another is a mistake
It is a masquerade; nothing more than a fake
Be yourself and let your qualities show through
Others will love you more for being just you not who others want to see.

We are who we allow ourselves to become we get what we give, we give what we get so give it your all and don’t ever give up.Be the best you be the person you want to be just remember to be yourself.We are perfectly imperfect and beautiful within because beauty isn’t skin deep,it’s deeper than the skin.

This day is yours it belongs to no one but you put one foot in front of the other and take a step closer to making all your dreams come true

You are perfectly imperfect and this is okay because no one is flawless, no one is perfectly made

You are beautiful within and your smile reflects the love inside your heart
So, share a grin and let others see who you are

Be the best you,just be who you are inside
be the person that makes you happy and live your best life.





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