Often times in a relationship, we settle. We may not be happy. Our needs may not be met, but we stay.for those of you who have settled, you’re not alone. Many people have settled but it’s important for you to know that somewhere out there is that person you feel happy to love and they feel happy to love you back.someone who you’re truly meant to be with. You will never find happiness in settling and it’s not fair to either of you.when you settle you always feel like something is missing. You never really truly feel happy in your relationship. You often find yourself longing for something more. We are so programmed to find that person we can live with but when you find that person you can’t imagine your life without you’ve found something truly beautiful.

If you have something or someone adding beauty to your life, consider yourself blessed.

If you haven’t told them yet how lucky you are to have them, do it right now.

Life is too short to be lived under miscommunications and communication gaps.

Make efforts and enjoy the fruit!

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