I have been a lot confused lately as to whether I’m Broke or Broken! Broke as in minus money and broken as in minus money and emotions.

Of course, I’ve watched the drama in “2 Broke Girls”.But what I feel is nothing like it.I  know I’m broke when even a lunch at the lousy chain restaurant at the mall is out of my financial reach.I know I’m broken too,not only am I struggling with an insane amount of stress from work right now, but I am facing emotional and mental breakdowns too. I’m burning out quickly and there’s no relief in sight.

The point is which side is heavier broke or broken?

I see every other day, people of my age group are getting married, going on lavish honeymoons, celebrating marriage anniversaries,naming their babies! To sum up, they’re all settled……

when I get to the root of it, I see they’re all gold-diggers.they find someone rich to fulfill all their dreams and aspirations.I can’t tell if that’s wrong! but it certainly doesn’t feel right to me.

But in order to be able to pay my own  bills and get my own S class, 5 series, a mini cooper and an evoque (for that much, I guess I need to probably change my sirname to Ambani or Birla):p, I need to be independent and ambitious,not a gold digger! Although I do not see it happening and it kills me every time to realize how much I’ve missed out on!  I am independent,but then people do not like it! I have values and principles,people call it my tantrums.

I’m both emotionally and financially challenged.when I say so, it means my 6 years of being on my own, away from home! and what do I have?  nothing……

I haven’t lost all hopes,but I’m exhausted. I literally need that one person to keep faith in me and get me going.

I do not even know if this post makes sense.

It’s just not my time!

Rest of you, Live Love Laugh Read!




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