The Heart Cried

She got up from a slumber with her eyes inquisitive

She walked in with cherubic feet

only to wake up and realise how strange the world is

It was infancy and she was loved deeply

Adults had already planned as to when she grows up,what she’ll be

She could only giggle and laugh at the stupid gestures that they made.

Grew up a little, and started to get acquainted with strangers.that’s when she saw how ugly and scarred being a girl is. In her subconscious, she had a foundation laid.

Then came adolescence, and she became rebellious,getting to know the restrictions a girl faces.Had a lot to say and to tell.

But couldn’t even initiate,being considered a kid,Oh well!

She knew being an adult would suck.

She was not listened to when she had a story to tell.

Guess what,now she doesn’t give a fuck.


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