Alone or lonely? the choice is yours!


Being alone is an art, embrace it.

Being alone can be the most empowering experience of your life. If you let the loneliness consume you, you’re going to lose that rare chance to figure yourself out. You can always find company in yourself. Loneliness is going to try to force you to find that company with another person. Everyone has a place in the world, though, and  yours shouldn’t be inside someone else.

The thought dawned on me while I was sitting all alone though there were people under the same roof,but it didn’t feel right.Not even one of them is worth fighting for you know! fighting with inner self is what I am talking of,here. So, right now I am lonely but at the same time I am choosing to be alone. Weird right? It’s so me but! :/

As mentioned in the last article I wrote,I am on a quest to find the place where
I belong. Every face that I see changes on an hourly basis,making me go on a mute mode.

I literally don’t know what to do! Hence i choose to be alone. and you know what the best part is, no one cares whether or not you’re with them,they can always find an alternative. So the choice is yours to make.

As they say “use mukkamal kar bhi aao,wo jo adhoori si aas baaki hai”!

I am finding meaning to my existence,are you?

Live Love Laugh Read




Somewhere I belong!

I have always been curious about the wonderland that Alice had been to.It has been an immense craving to take adventures and be away from everyone and everything.

I feel frustrated about various things primarily because I don’t talk much for I don’t really want anyone to know what is on my mind and how I feel.They will,by default end up misinterpreting the subject.

You know the feeling that you get when you think you know about people,have seen various faces,are surrounded with pretentious people; is toll-taking on your own self.

People you trust,people you refuse to listen shit about appear in the real form of themselves one day making you wonder were they always like this or were you too blind to even notice.

That is when you begin to averse from everything.

I have always preferred and adored solitude.No people,No drama.The day one chooses to surround himself/herself with people just because they aren’t better alone marks the beginning of a vicious circle.

One shouldn’t be anti-social,I feel but then there are limits to being social as well! People find it convenient to point out or judge others despite doing the very same thing on their part.

There are always those moments wherein you find yourself with a drink near to the bar in a party full of your “social circle”!

Wondered why?

Because deep down, you’re  a loner and do not wish to associate yourself with much drama.It’s not a bad thing at all,people will confuse your choices with arrogance,attitude and whatever is convenient for them to believe.

I like people who are self-sufficient and talk about the Universe,History, strike soul to soul conversation, understand the beauty of small things, make efforts,never give up and are not dependent on anyone for anything. I feel deeply connected to such people.

I have literally had a saturation point with those people who claim to be something that they aren’t. They are cunning and will never admit so! Why? because cunning is a negative word and no one wishes to hear anything negative for oneself.We always keep ourselves in more positive light than others.

A few life changing events, perceptions and thought processes have made me realize the importance of keeping your distance from such energies. And damn, I can say that to every fucking face! No fabrication, No pretending.

If I wish to be with somebody,I will climb scaffolds and swim rivers for the same.But if I don’t, then the person is as good as non-existent for me.

So I am starting a new chapter, “the quest for wonderland” (read making my own wonderland) what about you?

Remember, countless choices decide one’s fate!

Always remember to Live Love Laugh Read.



The Brother-Sister day!

The season is back again!


Rakshabandhan it is! and I am certain that all the brothers must have had their pockets raided by now.
As much as they’d hate to admit it,but this day,for some is nothing less than a nightmare!
never ending demands from the sisters, the so called “i don’t expect a gift in return” but
“anything is welcome” look! ah well! I bear sympathy for brothers here.

everything has become so much social and apparent these days.
come any day and the social networking sites are flooded with posts,messages and pictures.
where in we never really bother to actually “speak” to that very person for whom we post.
everything has become just so materialistic.Its the E-era.

Personally, i believe its great to be social but I have a real life just yet! I still look forward to tying rakhi along the brother’s wrist,stuff him with sweets and make enormous demands on him…

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Scientology! Why a Fuss?

I am not against any religion,but I sure choose not to follow the “so-called” rituals as they make no sense to me! I believe in gaining knowledge about every religion,its history and everything. As Ernest Hemingway said “All thinking men are atheists.” I am writing this bold post which might hurt the sentiments of various religious people but I do not mean to hurt their sentiments in anyway.I am trying to put forth my opinion.

Scientology has been gaining a lot of attention lately,it is a body of beliefs and related practices created by American science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard

In 1950, Hubbard published Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, explaining the process of auditing, in which a counselor guides a subject who recalls traumatic memories in order to resolve the negative emotions associated with those memories.After losing the rights to the name Dianetics, Hubbard created an expansion called Scientology. In 1953 he incorporated the Church of Scientology in Camden, New Jersey. Scientology teaches that people are immortal beings who have forgotten their true nature.

Scientology is one of the most controversial new religious movements to have arisen in the 20th century. The church is often characterized as a cult, and it has faced harsh scrutiny for many of its practices, which, critics contend, include brainwashing and routinely defrauding its members,as well as attacking its critics and perceived enemies with psychological abuse, character assassination, and costly lawsuits.

Scientology’s belief that souls (“thetans”) reincarnate and have lived on other planets before living on Earth.]Another controversial belief held by Scientologists is that the practice of psychiatry is destructive and abusive and must be abolished.

Here’s everything one needs to know about Scientology.

  • Hubbard believed that an intergalactic overlord named Xenu expelled humans to Earth from another planet 75 million years ago, and now their souls live in us.
  • The beliefs are centred upon thetan, the individual’s immortal, alien spirit and true identity. Thetans are our intrinsically good, omniscient, non-material core that’s capable of unlimited creativity.
  • It’s alleged that Scientologist leaders go to great lengths to retain celebrity members like John Travolta and Tom Cruise. It has a Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood especially for high profile members.
  • The most dedicated Scientologists, especially the Sea Org members, sign a billion year covenant, indicating their confidence in the afterlife.
  • The church considers itself scientific, although scientists outside of the church commonly dispute this claim.
  • A central practice of Scientology is auditing. An auditor counsels members, attempting to “clear” him or her of false information or traumatic experiences. Auditing sessions are permanently documented.
  • Some of the ways Scientology appeals to new members is through self-help programs for addicts and criminals, as well as its focus on its members reaching true spiritual enlightenment and individual freedom.
  • Scientology does not address the reality of a divine being or the nature of ultimate reality, so members are free to believe what they wish about this.
  • As Scientologists grow deeper in the faith, some assert that they develop superpowers such as mind reading and the ability to move objects with thought. (hard to believe though)

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Countless choices decide our fate.A choice about what to follow and what not is completely yours to make.

All that I can say is Live Love Laugh Read!


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Seeking Respite!

It’s again that phase where I have started to have conflicts with my inner self and the people around me. People seem to judge everyone everyday based on a limited perception that they have about a person and feel that they know everything.

“Everyone seems to know me,but me!” People keep claiming that they know something or the other about me which i’m still trying to discover!

Everybody does it. The vast majority don’t even understand that they are doing it. Judging. Everybody needs to discover something awful around a man to improve their feelings about themselves.

However, consider the possibility that they heard what you were thinking or saying. How might they feel? Would you say it to their face? Presumably not.

In all actuality, a large portion of our judgements are erroneous in any case. Somebody may have the best bitch-face on the planet, yet they end up being a truly pleasant individual. Somebody may dress uncovering and you may think they are a skank or are simple, when they would be the inverse.In fact,everything that we presume might turn the other way round.

I so want to have a simple world!  We shouldn’t just agree with our judgments because if we did, we wouldn’t try to get to know that person. We’d tell our opinion of that person to others without ever really getting to know who we’re talking about.

We weren’t made to survive, we weren’t made to put up with the pain, we were made to create and rule our own lives and not be controlled by others!

Some may say “you are young, you have so much ahead of you, you don’t need a relationship,” well they are wrong too. Without relationships we wouldn’t exist, some of us created by young people such as ourselves, some were left until later, but STILL relationships are the foundations of us. So who are they to say we are too young or too naive to crave something so rare; so beautiful; so desirable as love?! However…they are partly right too, we don’t NEED a relationship, it’s just a guilty desire of us all as humans, some may choose to admit it, some hide it but as long as you are breathing you want it too!

Falling for someone isn’t a weakness, it’s the beginning of an evolving strength, being able to trust someone and be able to share everything with that person is truly amazing!!

Don’t choose someone who is okay, choose the one who is exceptional just like you are!

I don’t hate everybody,it’s just that I don’t like them in particular as well.I’ll blow a kiss,definitely fire a gun but do not need anyone to lean on.

Know why?? they will never cease to disappoint.

That’s just my story, yours might be different.If I am irritated with everyone doesn’t mean that everyone feels the same. Some people live to please others and spend their entire lives creating a good impression or be in somebody’s good books.I know such people as well and I don’t judge them for it instead I try to understand them.But I have certain limits too.When the personality starts to go beyond my understanding I stop understanding.

I am not in the best of my mood so that may be the reason why I am writing such depressing stuff.I try finding the silver lining but all I see is darkness.Sheer nothingness.

I hope it gets over too soon.sooner than I realize it. 🙂

Seek Respite,Seek change,Be the change!

Live Love Laugh Read!


In the end all we have is who we are………..

Probably she was right on her part, probably she could see all that which I somehow couldn’t and still can’t.I have started to feel what she felt,never felt anything against her ever,I was rather insecure until a realisation dawned upon me “The task we must set for ourselves is not to feel secure, but to be able to tolerate insecurity.”

Everyone I have ever known I take that back every likable person I have ever known in this world has admitted to periods of sheer insecurity. They looked at themselves from the perspective of someone else — perhaps a person with no appreciation of their talents, personality traits, abilities—and judged themselves unfairly according to the perverted view.

Insecurity  or vulnerability of spirit is essentially humility, which is a divine quality.It’s not all bad. Heightened self-consciousness, apartness, an inability to join in, physical shame and self-loathing—they are not all bad. Those devils have been my angels. Without them I would never have disappeared into language, literature, the mind, laughter and all the mad intensities that made and unmade me.

It could be anything- a relationship (named or unknown), an attribute, a habit, a gesture, a text message, a phrase, a gesture,a person, a memory, an incident,a behaviour and so on that can make you feel insecure.There are only a few people in my life who get me. Who really get me. When I’m insecure, I will drive 250 miles to see them, or squeeze a half hour into my hectic evening to talk to them on the phone. They remind me of what is good and unique about myself — maybe unorthodox and not at all appreciated by other folks — elements that contribute to my decent DNA. These people love that I have no filter, that I say whatever I am thinking out loud and therefore insult an average of two people every ten seconds. This character defect, they say, is refreshing!

What we see these days is the insecurity in relationships around us.Our most personal and valued relationships often bring out the very best and very worst in us. Close relationships, especially those of a romantic nature, require us to be vulnerable on some level… to show more of our true nature…. to suspend our fear… to let someone in… to let down our guard. This vulnerability can trigger powerful emotions, the heady whirlwind of the ecstatic energy of ‘love’ can drudge up all kinds of unresolved stuff from the dregs of your past. This can be unexpected and scary. Some insecurity in love can be natural and normal… to wonder ‘does he really love me?’ ‘is she thinking the same way as I am about us?’. Any romance novel or movie would seem to suggest that these thoughts are part and parcel of the romance game. But, as in most things, what is important is balance. If you are feeling out of balance and if the insecurity in your relationship is heavily weighted towards your side of the scales, then maybe it’s time to reflect on how you can strengthen your own self esteem and thus be a more attractive romantic partner and happier human being.

So, my point is that nothing is too important to take up your valuable time which you could probably use to fulfil your dreams.No person or incident should be on your mind 24*7,because you know what they disappoint! at every step and in every phase.They have nothing else to offer.So make your journey worthy by reminding yourself that change is always tough. Even for those who see themselves as agents of change, the process of starting a new thing can cause times of disorientation, uncertainty and insecurity.

I think we all have blocks between us and the best version of ourselves, whether it’s shyness, insecurity, anxiety, whether it’s a physical block, and the story of a person overcoming that block to their best self. It’s truly inspiring because I think all of us are engaged in that every day.

Be who you are! 😉

Live Love Laugh and Read!



Is Mr. Grey the Real Mr.Perfect a woman seeks?


“Why does he have such an unnerving effect on me? His over-whelming good looks maybe? The way his eyes blaze at me? The way he strokes his index finger against his lower lip? I wish he’d stop doing that.”

All of us have felt this way or the other for someone at some place and some time.We just were too shy to admit it or should I say hesitant because of the prevailing cultural setup.

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has come out as a phenomena and E.L James has forced people to ponder over Love Lust and everything that comes in when you find “The One”. The story presents  that women should never be comfortable offering their bodies to a man that makes it clear he is emotionally incapable of love and perfectly willing to implement capital punishment for eye rolling. Grey is a quintessential predator, Ana his prey, and the plot insinuates that, for the sake of eroticism, this is acceptable.

We have always fantasized about who a Mr./Ms. Perfect would be for us based upon our own expectations,perceptions,beliefs,values and culture.Here’s why We girls simply love Mr.Grey:

1. Beacuse He is everything one desires!


2. Who wouldn’t want to hear that?


3. Imagine waking up to such words ❤


4. Because he can take you down even with his words.


5. Because you are on top of his list!


6. And not to forget those “love drenched” e-mails and text messages who he hasn’t done for anyone before!

7. Last but never the least, the way he postpones saying “Laters Baby!”

Now, turning back to what I seek for in a man!

Well,the list is quite too long I believe,but here it goes:

  • Someone who prefers to hang out in an upscale coffee shop than to go clubbing and hitting back shots.
  • Loyalty and Faithfulness should be his middle names!
  • Someone whom I can have intelligent arguments with and stimulate my brain. 😉
  • I seek a man who I can learn a lot of good things from.
  • He, who finds me worthy of sharing his emotions,feelings, past and future plans with. 🙂
  • The one who tells me things exactly the way they are! NO FABRICATION! (I want transparency)
  • He, who is more interested in the latest literary novel than in what the Jersey Shore kids are up to on television.
  • Someone who has an updated General Knowledge.(personal encyclopedia)
  • Who has a crazy streak but acts matured under the required circumstances.
  • Someone who will be my best friend, a partner and an equal.
  • That somebody who makes me feel good!
  • Who makes me laugh at any cost and tells me that I’m pretty and how important this one smile is for him.
  • Someone who can prioritize his job, family, friends and a relationship.
  • Who shows me that I am an essential part of his life.
  • The one who values his parents and has respect for the elderly.
  • Somebody who isn’t much social. Even if he is, I won’t interfere with his personal space until he makes everything clear.
  • That person who feels a bit awkward while talking to other girls.
  • Someone who’s totally dedicated and doesn’t give out any wrong signals to other females. (do that when you’re single,not while with me!)
  • Who doesn’t change for anything or anyone.
  • The one who is man enough to vouch for his actions,even mistakes or betrayal for that matter.
  • Somebody who cares for me genuinely and never shows off.
  • The one who wakes me up and puts me to sleep with nothing but cute messages.(way too girly) 😉
  • Someone who is not a technology freak! knowledge is a good thing but addiction to technology ain’t.
  • Flirting is a strict “NO”. I know there’s a thin line between casual (healthy) flirting and harmful flirting.But I don’t care.

I should rather not be this harsh! 😉 Although it is next to impossible to find all these traits in the same person. If I think this way,the guys might think too. I still am in the learning phase where I am exploring new avenues of life and also getting to know people,who knows the list might lose significance or things might get added in it!Hence we should always wait for that “click” to happen which is nothing but a realization that you’ve finally found someone,somebody you belong with! 🙂


Live Love Laugh Read

Does True Love Exist for Real?


I have asked myself this question over and over again yet I have not gotten a satisfactory answer. Being an avid reader, I have come across many forms of expressions that provide love with a definition by various individuals but I wasn’t convinced.

Heard Pink’s track “Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say
Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face
There’s no one quite like you
You push all my buttons down
I know life would suck without you”

But naah, I didn’t get any answers. I have grown up knowing that true love is pure,loyal and eternal. I have always been inspired by the 19th century novels where people reflected intricate and sophisticated mannerisms. The talking with the eyes, writing letters, chivalry and so much more has always amused me.

But unfortunately I belong to this era where love has kind of lost it’s meaning,if there was any!  additionally, the culture surrounding the institution of marriage has drastically shifted. Marriage is no longer viewed as the highest priority or as a lasting union. It is no longer viewed as an essential step to adulthood, nor is it greatly valued.  With these changes in today’s culture, young adults have been allowed to give in to their fears of rejection, responsibility, and mistakes, leaving a generation failing to commit. As much as I hate to admit it, but I belong to the “hanging out” culture.Traditional dating is becoming a thing of the past.  Defining a date was not hard long ago: “Men and women went out together on a planned activity, in which most often the man initiated the date, picked the woman up, and paid for any expenses”.  It was a culture of courting.Dating to find a partner and then marrying him or her.

Instead of dating, our generation  has turned to “hanging out,” which is when mixed groups spend time together in a variety of settings.Dating involves commitments, if only for a few hours. Hanging out requires no commitments. Today’s dating culture is characterized by a lack of commitment.

The fear of rejection is a reasonable fear that has characterized dating for generations. Psychologist Stephen W. Simpson  epitomized this fear with a humorous statement:

“Something scares you. It’s not terrorism, economic recession, global warming, or gasoline prices that could hit 10 bucks per gallon by the time you’re done reading this. These things might worry you, but something else makes your palms sweat and your pulse hit triple digits: asking someone out on a date.”

The stereotypical young man of our parents’ generation worked to gather the courage to call a girl and ask her on a date. When he was finally confident enough to ask her out, he would dial her number and hang up several times before finally talking to the young lady. In today’s generation, it is no longer expected that a man must ask a woman out formally. Cell phones and other technology have allowed societal norms to change. Unlike traditional dates, there are rarely formal invitations when college students hang out. This helps to eliminate the possibility of being rejected.

I am back to Square One! my question remains unanswered. What is Love? and what is True Love?

what I perceive is that “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” This verse describes the characteristics of true love. The problem with trying to “find” love in our dating lives, is that too often we don’t look for these characteristics. Rather we look at physical appearance, popularity, or wealth.

Love is best seen as devotion and action, not an emotion. Love is not exclusively based on how we feel. Certainly our emotions are involved, but they cannot be our only criteria for love.

Sex is not love! Our culture has taught us that sex and love are one in the same. This is a lie. Sex is a beautiful God-given activity that is wonderful when practiced within certain boundaries.It is the completion of the binding of two people within Biblical marriage; it is a God-given gift.Because sex is not love, it only leads to pain and disappointment for those who are seeking that love. The Bible says that when two people are married, they become one flesh. Sex is consummation of that union. When two people break off their relationship after having sex, it is like ripping apart flesh. This is why two teenagers will struggle so much and become so dependent on those they give their bodies to.

I am not advocating the culture here,I am only trying to say that though I agree it’s a personal choice but the choice shouldn’t be worth giving regrets. Be mature enough to bear the consequences of your choices and don’t blame it on to anyone.


I don’t like those type of questions much, they are too vague.
What answer do you expect? No one can decide this! For every culture, place and historic era “love” means something different, it is expressed in different ways. Leave aside “true love”.

To contribute with something from sociology – Erich Fromm was interested in what is “true love” in sense what is the “right love”. One of his basic ideas is that we either tend to “have” or to “be”.
Having is consuming, possessing, makes you less active in mind etc.
Being is, in his view, rather unselfish, living, enjoying, truly experiencing the reality.

The right way to love then is not “having” the other one, it is “being” with him/her and letting them be free as well.Love is what holds you together when life tears you apart. Love is amongst the few things in the world that makes life worth living. It is one of the most strongest emotion that a human being is capable of feeling. Love is when other person’s happiness, other person’s dreams, other person’s aspirations, other person’s problems become your own. There is no separation between you and the other person. Love is when you see someone’s face and instantly know what they are feeling. There is this telepathic connection that binds all the people that are in love. Love is the foundation of any happy relationship.

I think Robert Heinlein put it beautifully “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”

It seems to be only rational thing left in the universe. True love is attachment without the need of possession. Love is that special feeling in your gut, love is when you can feel your own heart beating on the sight of your lover. Love is when you spend all you time thinking about that person. Love is when you will travel all over the globe just to get a glimpse of the person you love. Love is when you stare at your smartphone all day long hoping that the person that you love will send a message that says that the person is doing okay. True love is always selfless and does not demand reciprocation from the other person.

And I’ll tell you what, Live Love Laugh and Read as much as you can.:)

Happy July 🙂

That Gloomy Night

I see a lot of things, about me, about people but I  have never judged them. i should probably start to.

I had this longing that one day there will be that one person who will be my resort and will have space to understand me  apart from his pre- existing understanding. I realized that nobody actually has the time and patience to spend on something other than themselves.

So neither my expectation is wrong nor people’s reality!

how easily people categorize right and wrong but when it comes to them they always find an escape for justification. People close to you start to exhibit weird behavior, you can’t stand them, you feel suffocated in their presence. Nobody understands why, probably you yourself don’t!

People will react to what they  see!Plasticity,Fabrication,Pretentiousness is exactly they wish to see.

I can keep things, I literally can and I want no credit as that is my fundamental nature.

I have always known people to be mean in spite of being always there for them. My mother always warns me to be careful of my “friends”. But I tend to kind of overlook it till date.No matter however much hurt I am, I end up overlooking it.

But Now I guess, I shall have to ponder over a few things.

Danger Danger everywhere, not even a single Real Person exists.

He, of all people I thought would be a little different and understands more than me.Busy pleasing the world but!

I am not a cling, I will never be.

I just don’t belong here anymore.  I badly need to know where I belong because I have had enough.

Apparently people can’t digest real, they will either complain about it or try to change it continuously.

I never expected I would end up being in such a situation where I feel so saturated, so frustrated of being myself. I have always believed in doing well for the good to follow. Never kept myself in more positive light than any other.


“Be You!” They say.

“Not like that!” They add.

But I guess “Mean” is the new cool! Everyone is sincerely following the trend. It has probably been like that always.I feel like leaving everything behind and go off to someplace. With no hassles, no drama!

Just Peace, Serenity and nobody to decide the wrong and right.

May be I should just start listening to my mother more often.

Is there an escape? I need one desperately. I seem to be caught up between “to be or not to be” badly.

I am trying to find an exit, but there is no door!

I need my silence to be understood. I need to make it more apparent as to words can mean a lot.

It is one of those times that I have started to feel that no matter whatever you do, however much you do, it doesn’t matter to anyone.

In the end what we have is who we are!

 I have started to have this strange aversion towards people who are highly social. I can’t stand them.

According to me, they can’t prioritize and they live their life pleasing others.

I still believe writing letters is much more fun. Sending someone tissue notes “meet me here” or “call me maybe” still have some spark.

I never wish to be crowded by people. It has always been a “Few but True” thing for me. But apparently I am the odd one out.

Those few, I thought were true were never actually. I am tired of being always there and always being the one who understands.

Since I never set any standards or priorities. Never kept any preferences. Now I realize that I have always been taken for granted. Nobody knows what I want! It’s a good thing though.

 I don’t wish to have fancy phones with me, I still wish I had a typewriter. I am not tech savvy. Call me Old school but I still admire nature, I love dancing in the rain. I like to keep my life personal!

You what that means!

My life is none of your Fucking business.”


She thought about this the entire night. And made it worst. She has been feeling weird lately for reasons unknown.

She has never felt like that before for anyone. It’s that person who she actually tries to be herself with. But somewhere something is still not in place.

She makes sure that anything that concerns him doesn’t go unattended. At the same time she also wishes to be carefree. It’s not something she’s choosing it’s something that’s happening out of her control.

 For once, there is clarity! For once there is a defined road. She is just afraid to take it.

She will screw up everything and yet be quiet.








LOVE- Illusion or delusion?

In my mind, I am eloquent.I can climb intricate scaffolds. But when I actually open my mouth,everything collapses. I am not at all good at expressing, when I do, people laugh it off!

Most of the times that I am quiet is because I don’t know what to say.

I was really intrigued by a philosopher l met lately while waiting for my turn at the hospital.

I was reading Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

He asked me if I read a lot and what all have I read so far? and man, I like people who strike this conversation that consists of reading, books, thoughts,philosophies & all that shit. I kind of like this shit!

He must be in his late forties and had the childish gleam in his eyes.His forehead was glowing like summer sun.

I at first, was a little hesitant but then he made me feel he ain’t  eavesdropping and didn’t mean to intrude. He shared his story with me.

He was a pessimist, the reason being the treatment and incidents life bestowed upon him.

There was a guy who was very much in love with this girl. The romantic guy folded 1,000 pieces of paper cranes as a gift to his girl. Although, at that time he was just a small executive in his company and his future didn’t seem too bright, they were very happy together. However one day, his girl told him she is going to Paris and will never come back. She also told him that she cannot visualize any future for the both of them, so she wanted to part  ways there and then… The guy was heartbroken but he agreed.

When he regained his confidence, he worked hard day and night, slogging his mind and body just to make a name for himself. Finally with plenty of hard work and the help of friends, he managed to set up his own company.

“You never fail until you stop trying.” he always told himself.
“I must make it in life!”

One rainy day, while the guy was driving, he saw an elderly couple sharing an umbrella in the rain walking to some destination. Even with the umbrella, they were still drenched. It didn’t take him long to realize those were his ex-girlfriend’s parents. He deliberately drove slowly beside the couple,hoping they spot him in his luxury sedan. He wanted them to know that he wasn’t the same anymore. He had his own company, car, condominium, etc. He had made it in life!

Before he realized it, the couple was entering a cemetery. He got out of his car and followed them. There, he saw his ex-girlfriend. A photograph of her smiling sweetly as ever at him from her tombstone. He saw his precious paper cranes placed in a bottle beside her tomb. Her parents saw him. He walked over and asked them how did this happen. They explained that she did not leave for France after all. She was ill stricken with cancer. In her heart, she believed that he will make it in life someday. However. she did not want her illness to be his obstacle. Therefore she chose to leave him.

A tragic story that perhaps happens only in the movies. At the end of the day, money is money but love is divine. In our quest for our material wealth, take time to make time for our loved ones. There will be a time when we have only memories to cling to She had wanted her parents to put his paper cranes beside her because if the day comes when fate brings him to her again, he can take some of them back with him. The guy wept miserably. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them but knowing you can’t have them and will never see them again.

The guy was this man sitting right next to me! He asked me ” Are you in love, dear?”  and before I could speak He went on “I know you are, it’s in your eyes.”

“Just hold onto it Kid, God Bless You!” and he slowly made it to the exit door until I couldn’t see him at all.

I happened to read two poems and I took this opportunity to make efforts and combine the two as per my perception.

Love is a big illusion,
And life, a smart confusion.
Love is like a flower in bloom,
We don’t know it’s there, but we always assume
That love is there, just like a flower,
Stays for a day or stays for an hour,
All I know is love can be
Just a seagull out at sea. And when we care, it could be an illusion
And we slowly go into delusion.
When we find the one we love
We seem to drift like floating seeds above,
Like dandy-lion clocks in the air
Drifting here and drifting there
With no single ounce of care,
Love is an illusion, it is everywhere.

Love is like a flower in bloom,
Don’t know it’s there, but like an illusion we assume
That everything we do is real,
But unlike love that doesn’t steal
Jewels of glory of our life
Together, when we feel no strife
So don’t assume that love is real,
Sometimes it’s an illusion, and seems surreal.

Where do I go, which way do I turn
searching for that love I so desperately yearn
fading memories of a past I’d soon forget
isolated and alone waiting for the one not met.

Is he just a vision or does he really exist
illusion of a fantasy like a ship in the mist
the truth of it all remains to be seen
for in this moment of time I can only dream.

Laying awake I stare into the night
doom and dread surround, like the demons I fight
river of emotions flow like a swift moving tide
spiraling so fast downward I slide.

Will ever I find that peace, I do not know
breaking down more with each passing blow
desperation and pain a part of everyday life
words not spoken that cut like a knife.

 Based on what I read recently, Something I learned was that chased love, is not love. If you have to run after it, talk it into staying,remind it of your value,issue ultimatums,fight alone for the both of you, or test it- it is not love! Its not love, its not happiness, its not fair,its not healthy,the only thing is…..
Its a waste of your time!
So, that’s too much of Love Dose. I end it here.
Know your worth, cause Love is sure as hell worthy!
Fall in and see for yourself.
Live Love Laugh Read 🙂